Details : Thrilled to be working on converting an existing two-story hotel into a Marriott Boutique Hotel, complete with a bar/restaurant and renovated guest rooms. The project involves a total of 28,400 square feet of space and delivers the highest quality workmanship to ensure the success of this exciting project.

Our team of experienced construction professionals handled all aspects of the conversion process, from demolishing existing structures to installing new finishes and fixtures. The hotel's bar and restaurant have been designed to create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere, with high-quality materials and lighting that enhance the guest experience.

The guest rooms reflect the Marriott brand's signature design aesthetic, with comfortable bedding, modern furnishings, and state-of-the-art technology.

Build Specifications : Conversation of the existing two-story hotel to a Marriott Boutique Hotel-Bar/restaurant-all guestroom renovations-28,400 sq/ft.